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Shoe Dog book summary

Shoe Dog book cover

My key learnings

  • Nike was led by a band of misfits - it was all about the culture. Question why things are done a certain way and do it differently if it makes sense to.
  • Tell the truth and negotiate based on truth.
  • Enter negotiations knowing at what point you will walk away.
  • Never give up or at least, have the spirit to go on because you’re passionate about what you do and know you’re going to give it your all.
  • Travel the world and find opportunities.
  • Think about what you'll do to save your company's culture (e.g. not going public on the stock exchange).
  • Experiment and innovate continuously.
  • Having a grand vision for cracking China or taking over their biggest competitor Adidas.

Adversities Nike overcame

  • Running on float. Not having a bank to lend them money.
  • Losing their loan by a bank who then asked the FBI to investigate them for fraud.
  • Lying to their Japanese export funder by using their funds to finance their own factory. But then owning up to it.
  • Being sued by Onitsuka for breaching contract and counter suing in the US.
  • Being slapped with a tax bill of $20 million brought about by jealous competitors.
  • Convincing stockists to buy shit (early) models of shoes based on track record and honesty.

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