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Biased book summary

Biased book cover

This is the best book I've read so far around the topic of bias and race.

The big ideas from the book.

  • We all exhibit bias and act on them. The important thing is to first accept they are there, and to be aware of when they might be triggered.
  • Speed and ambiguity gives rise to big potential for decision making based on bias.
  • We need to be able to see colour to be able to see discrimination.
  • We need to continuously monitor and measure our choices to allow us to continuously check our decision making for biases.
  • This will not be easy and will take significant effort and discomfort to overcome deep-set behaviours and culture.
  • Seeking feedback during situations which most drive biases is extremely important to keep monitoring and retraining how your mind thinks. This will most likely happen in moments of fear and high pressure.

Categorisation bias

  • This is something the brain exhibits to allow us to filter through the billions of stimuli we go through in our daily lives.
  • This is also what potentially blocks us from equally embracing others from different races or who are not "like us". Our gut reaction is for us to feel wary or fearful of those who are not familiar to us.

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